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Show to The World

     As business owners, we are all trying hard to provide good customer service. Unfortunately, just providing it could make your customer service meaningless.


     In order to make your service meaningful, you should not just provide good service, you also need to show people your excellent customer service skills. For example, Amazon has created a brainlessly easy return process as part of their customer service plan. Even first-time users can learn how easy the return process is by clicking on the "Returns Are Easy" link. If there wasn't such a link, people would never know about the service until they tried to return something.


     Showing is good, but showier is better. Say you're providing exceptional aftercare service to customers; you can put details of the service up on your website to show this to people. Going one step further, you can create an "Aftercare Service Request" page exclusively for requesting the service, rather than using a standard "Contact Us" page for all inquiries and aftercare service requests. Even though the same staff will receive general inquiries and the service requests, making separate pages (and adding a link on the navigation menu) makes your service more visible.

Show Everything

     In addition to the above, you can show virtually everything, even your mind. For example, many of you care about customer satisfaction, but customers cannot see your thoughts about it. If they can't see your ideas, customers will assume you don't care about them. By just sending an email to customers asking how satisfied they are with the products you've sold them, customers will realize that you do care about their satisfaction. Once people see how considerate you are, they will appreciate your effort and keep doing business with you. This will bring you even more customers. So, show people whatever you can think of!

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