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     The main purpose of running a business is to make a profit, but this doesn’t mean we can (or should) do anything to make a profit.

Making Money

     Well, we can make money by fraud or robbery. If we do, there will eventually be a payback, and some people might have a prickle of conscience. So, a majority of people avoid making money from those activities. We all know about this at the beginning, but many of us will still tend to become disloyal toward customers and start applying unreasonable charges down the road, if we become obsessed with making money.


     We tend to obsess over money because we usually think there is a direct link between money and happiness. A number of people have realised that that is wrong after they have made fortunes. In realty, we will feel happiness when we are:

  • loved by others,
  • complemented by others,
  • availed of others, or
  • needed by others.

Other than being "loved by others", you can receive the above by running a business. Haven't you had any experiences where you felt more fulfilled when a customer appreciated your service than when you have accomplished a large sales volume?


     On top of feeling happiness, you will get more customers if you focus on accomplishing the above list. This is a no-brainer; customers do not want to be ripped off, so they go to stores that properly serve them. That is why businesses that actually help customers do not lack for them, even in a bad economy. Remember, if you serve people, they will come to your store.

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