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How to Download the E-Book "How to Hide Your Affiliate Links"

How to Hide Your Affiliate Links
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The latest addition!
Online affiliate link cloaking tool has been released. (It is still beta version, though.) This tool does all the process described in the book for you. But, reading my e-book helps you to understand how to use it.
Instructions on downloading the e-book.
  1. Get your free copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader from Adobe  if you don't have it.
  2. Chose the format you like.
        I like zip formatted file. (414KB) About ZIP File
        I like pdf formatted file. (577KB) About PDF File
  3. You can see the Table of Content before downloading if you want.

About ZIP File
After you have downloaded the file, you have to unzip the file. If you are using Windows ME or later, right click the icon of the file, then "Extract All..." to unzip. If you are using Windows 95 or 98, you need software to unzip, you can use StuffIt Expander  (Free Trial).
This ZIP file contains three files:
  • hide_links.pdf This is the book which explains how to hide your affiliate links to protect your commissions
  • example.html An example of web page that hides your affiliate links
  • test.html Another example HTML file you might need
Click here to start downloading (414KB)
About PDF File
To save the book on your computer (in order to read it off line), click on the diskette icon IN Adobe Acrobat Reader (once the e-book loads in your browser).
Click Diskette to Save
To save 2 files, example.html and test.html, copy and past the codes in the boxes bellow into new files in your text editor. Make sure to save the files as HTML files.
Please Note  If you download, you don't need to get these 3 files separately. All 3 files are included in
  • Click here to start downloading hide_links.pdf. (577KB)
  • example.html

  • test.html

You still need Adobe Acrobat Reader to read PDF files.
Table Of Content
    • Why You Should Hide Your Affiliate URL
    • Anatomy of Hiding Affiliate URL
    • Step 1 - Making Numeric Ampersanded URL
    • Step 2 - Checking The Converted URL
    • Step 3 - Making Cloaked Page
    • Additional Step - Increasing The Security
  3. Appendixes
    • Opening HTML File with Windows Notepad
    • Customizing The Title Bar
    • Changing File Extensions
Click here to start downloading zip formatted file. (414KB), or
Click here to start downloading pdf formatted file. (577KB)
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